Trip Advisor with its customer base analysed the top beaches of Europe. It was no surprise that Cyprus rated one and three in terms of top beaches. Cyprus is home to an array of some of the most breath-taking, post-card beaches on the planet, so this is no surprise. But it is always good for a location to get such praise from a source as respected as Trip Adviser. Just another reason why Cyprus is the perfect destination for your home away from home

More about Cyprus

This snug, Mediterranean island has a history as long and rich as its white sandy beaches, but in the modern world has been a popular holiday maker’s destination for as long as anyone can remember. Its lush beaches and rugged interior have given the location a sense of mystery, exoticness and beauty that can be bested by very few other destinations on the planet. Which is why it stands to reason that the island’s most attractive and iconic features, namely its beaches, should be regarded as some of the best you can find while traveling.

Cyprus: The Best Beaches in Europe

Cyprus is framed by some of the world’s most amazing shores, but which ones are regarded as the best? According to Trip Advisor, these are the beaches you need to see:

Ayia Napa Nissi Beach: First Place

Being the best beach in all of Europe is quite the claim, but a simple breath of fresh air and the feel of this beach’s sands beneath your feet will have you understanding why in an instant. This tiny resort town on the southeast coast of Cyprus has everything a holiday maker could need; from serene, crystal clear coastlines and epic rock formations rising high from snow-white shorelines, to entertainment, fine food and secluded, romantic overlooks where you can take in the majesty of an endless coastal horizon.

Protaras Beach: Third Place

Protaras is an exceptionally popular destination for tourists from all over the world and it is because the destination has so much to offer, no matter what kind of holiday you are looking for. These beaches are imbued with the same awe inspiring beauty that makes up so much of Cyprus, from glass seawater and powdery beaches to epic limestone high-rise cliffs peppered with caves and vibrant coral reefs that are teeming with life. This area came in third place on Trip Advisor’s list, which is nothing to be sneezed at. In fact I would wager that the only reason it was ranked lower than Ayia is that its popularity has led to it feeling, less than exclusive. But still, holiday makers from around the world with all kinds of tastes are finding out that Protaras is pretty much the perfect destination to travel to.

So if you have been looking for the perfect destination for your next investment into a holiday home or a place to enjoy endless summers perhaps one of Cyprus’s many outstanding beaches are exactly what you might be looking for. If so, you’ll need a partner that can help you make an investment with as little risk and hassle as possible.

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