Investment security and retirement provision is essential and requires careful consideration. One needs to consider emerging market risks of stability in the country, politics, economy, tax and currency. Perhaps it is better to secure a financial exit plan away from local uncertainty, politics, economy and currency. Explore the world’s wealth opportunities.

Quality Group SA will assist families to protect their lifestyle and future financial security by making use of opportunities globally.

Property is the foundation of wealth. It has proven itself over decades in providing capital growth and rental income. Rental income in Euro’s, Pound Sterling, or US Dollars is an intelligent, effective way of protecting lifestyle and future financial security.

Quality Group SA’s business philosophy is based on the certainty that the foundation of sustainable financial planning is financial diversification in investment and retirement planning. They believe financial migration in securing a financial exit plan makes sense.

Quality Group SA base their strategy on three beliefs namely that the future belongs to those who grab the present, wealth concepts for a better lifestyle and that Governments are unable to provide financial stability or financial independence. They have developed long standing relationships with introducers and clients which yield great benefits.

Quality Group SA focuses on value for money property solutions, including property loans, immigration and migration services.

A USD protection plan can be structured with Discovery Life to cover mortgage protection, life cover and disability as well as savings in USD for travel, children’s education and retirement savings. The Dollar Life plan by Discovery is SARS approved for South Africans. Boost savings by debiting your local account monthly with the selected amount in ZAR. The money is converted into USD, invested in US funds with pay out in USD anywhere in the world.

Rose Lopes is the CEO of the company and works with investors on hard currency, wealth solutions and immigrations processes. Rose has been in international financial services for more than two decades including international life assurance, investment and international banking in places like United Kingdom, Australia, Crete, Cyprus, South of France and Portugal.

Iraklis Zavos is the Deputy CEO based in the Cyprus office. His professional experience includes strategic planning, investment management, business development and civil engineering. His experience also includes international co-operation with businesses from China, UAE, South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia. He achieved a Masters in Civil Engineering degree with a First Class Honors distinction award from the University of Nottingham and also completed a Master in Business Administration. He has lead significant projects in the construction and contracting industry under ISO and European standards.

Take the plunge and secure your future wealth.