Explore the world’s wealth opportunities and secure a financial exit plan away from local uncertainty, politics, economy and currency. Quality Group SA will assist you to create financial security by making use of opportunities globally.

Property is a proven financial investment for capital growth and rental income. Rental income in Euro’s, Pound Sterling, or US Dollars is an intelligent and effective way of protecting lifestyle and future financial security.

Quality Group SA encourages financial diversification in investment and retirement planning, and believe in financial migration in securing a financial exit plan makes sense. They have developed long standing relationships with introducers and clients to benefit all role players.

Quality Group SA covers a range of services to their clients.

  • Sourcing investment property solutions in the residential and commercial property market.
  • Gain global citizenship through property investment.
  • Make use of global property funds.
  • Access to multi-currency mortgages.
  • Arrange furniture, window dressing and flooring. Ensure everything is handover ready.
  • The Discovery Dollar Life Plan offers protection in US dollars.
  • Life cover and critical illness benefits transportable and payable globally.
  • Wealth creation platforms provide access to funds, direct equities and bonds with tax and estate planning benefits.
  • Offshore trusts and company structures will maximise privacy and tax efficiency. Avoid deceased estate administration with assets passed on from generation to generation.


There are many reasons for people wishing to migrate. Countries use migration/golden visa programs to attract quality immigrants and investment. Citizenship and permanent residency offers by investment programs are becoming increasingly popular. More people are considering dual citizenship, an EU passport and dual residency of the European Union. A safety net and tool for international tax planning.

The following benefits will apply in Cyrus – an EU country where EU citizenship / permanent residency will extend to the main applicant and family members.

EU citizenship means

  • Visa free travel to over 160 countries.
  • Live, work or educate in the United Kingdom and any of the EU countries.
  • EU passports passed on from generation to generation.
  • Multiple passport freedom.

Permanent residency means

  • Secure quality of life for the family.
  • Improved quality of life for the family.
  • NHS healthcare.
  • An unpolluted environment with lots of sunshine.
  • Excellent schooling and reciprocity with UK and EU institutions.
  • Retirement in a safe country with a warm climate.
  • Attractive tax system. No inheritance or death taxes, no estate duty, retirement income taxed at 5% including RSA retirement benefits.

Enhance your personal and economic freedom and simplify travel with a bona fide passport, second residency and citizenship. Get your life sorted with Quality Group SA.