Every year the New York Times presents the top destinations to explore in a list that is shared worldwide. Amongst the ‘52 Places to Go in 2017’ our island, Cyprus ranks 21st for 2017. While there are other getaways to explore on the list, Cyprus is being promoted as the only cultural and culinary Mediterranean island to visit. We are more than happy for this achievement and we have taken some time to gather our TOP 5 places to visit in Cyprus, and more specifically in Larnaca District: Finikoudes Promenade, for the long walks among the palm trees and sandy beaches. Aliki Salt Lake, home to migrating birds including flamingos. Zenobia Ship Wreck, for the marine life offering excitement to divers of all levels – it’s considered to be the Titanic of the Mediterranean. Saint Lazarus Church, for the tomb of Saint Lazarus and the history behind it. Lefkara village, for the exquisite handmade lace and silverwork.