The Chinese embassy in Cyprus, the Pan-Cyprian overseas Chinese Association, the Nanjing Municipal Government of China and the Larnaca Municipality co-organized a significant cultural event with performances from Cyprus and China, last Thursday on the 14th of September. Quality Group was the major sponsor of the event, proving once again the strong relationship the company has with the Chinese Community in Cyprus. The cultural event took place at the Larnaca Medieval Castle with more than 500 attendees being able to enjoy the fascinating show. The instrumental & dance shows were performed by the Nanjing Art delegation, the Rims Nicosia Music School and the Tridata Livadia Cultural Folkloric Group. The event was attended by the mayor of Larnaca, Mr. Andreas Vyras, the Vice President of the Cyprus ruling party, Mr Georgios Georgiou, the ambassador of China in Cyprus, Mr. Huang Xin Yuan, the commercial counsellor of the embassy of China Mr. Wang Yaping, the Deputy Mayor of Nanjing Municipality, Mr Xu Jinghui, the head of the Pan-Cyprian overseas Chinese Association Miss Zhou Ying and the president of Quality Group Mr. Savvas Kakos.