You goal should be financial Freedom either before or on retirement. You do this by FUTURE proofing tomorrow

Financial freedom generally means having enough savings, investments, and cash on hand to afford the lifestyle we want for ourselves and our families. This can be the goal before or on retirement.

In the uncertain and disruptive world of today we all need to FUTURE-proof tomorrow. This means protecting self and family and preserving and growing wealth to maintain our lifestyle now and into the future

The Challenges of Retirement

1.Average Life Expectancy Continues To Rise
They say the new 70 is 60 and the new 50 is 40 and so on …
What an opportunity to have the time to do all those things we dream about if you have an income/pension that is:

> Sufficient today
> That will retain its purchasing power (If your wealth income is largely in a soft currency)

In short, do not plan for an average life expectancy | Plan for more!

2.You Can’t Work Forever
You might be defiant and think you can work until the day you drop, and for some, that may be the dream, but the fact is you can’t work or perform your profession at a high level for your entire life. Irrespective, if technology keeps us healthy for longer and we enjoy a greater quality of life, if you can afford it?

  1. 3.Globalisation & Relocation
    Increasingly friends, family and children are scattering across the globe as work and lifestyle opportunities are pursued. With children living in different cities and countries, living with children on retirement is a fading option.

With this uncertainty and disruption, retirement planning needs to be flexible and global in outlook.

  1. Do you have a “PLAN B” option
    Surveys conducted indicate that at the very least personal safety & security, quality healthcare and an attractive lifestyle are the leading factors that revolve around a satisfying, rewarding and sustainable semi or retired experience! “If you live in a country that for the next 20-30 years the picture seems uncertain then the right to live in a first world country should be an option to implement now or in the future say Costas Souris of Quality Group”.

4.Future proof tomorrow
Today it is all roses and wine. Then something often out of our control occurs! I am 40 and I want to retire at 70. Sounds like one has plenty of time. Not true, because today you have 360 paydays and next month you have 359! The ant eats the elephant in small bites. Retirement planning is exactly that. Baby steps resulting in a FUTURE-proofed tomorrow.

The longer you do not plan retirement the bigger the problems get! Waiting for the “The big pay day or lottery ticket” is not planning. Do something today however small and stick with it.

5.These are the questions you should be mulling over:
CNBC 2019

1. An active, satisfying, and happy retirement involves more than having adequate savings. It also entails interesting leisure activities, creative pursuits, and mental and physical well-being.

2. You can supplement retirement savings and help stretch what you have already put away by working a little longer, or part-time in retirement, at a profession or hobby you love.

3. Write down exactly what you want your life to look like during retirement; and develop a plan to make it happen. Share this with your partner-it is a joint picture!

4. If you live in a soft currency country, then take steps to earn hard currency passive income. Without hard currency passive income, you will be poorer every year, that is not a maybe, that is a certainty!!