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CPD Program Knowledge Assessment

Have fun as you earn your 2.5 CPD points there is no time limit, GOOD LUCK!

You must achieve 60% to pass the Test.

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How can you work in Greece or Cyprus?

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What is the Cyprus income tax threshold in Euros?

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Apart from the requirement to invest in property which of the following is a requirement for the Cyprus & Greece golden visa program

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How often do you have to visit Cyprus to keep your Cyprus Permanent Residency card valid?

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Which of the following is most true?

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Which of the following is correct about investing in property in Cyprus

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Which of the following comments about the status of the Republic of Cyrus is correct?

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How much must be invested in property in Euros (€), to achieve permanent residency in Greece?

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Which of the following would be most correct?

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The average destruction of the value of the Rand in US Dollars due to depreciation over the last 40 years is which of the following?

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Property purchased in Grenada and let out will create which of the following situations in terms of SA tax?

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What type of property investment is available to obtain the Golden visa in Cyprus?

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What % of the population speak English in Cyprus?

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Which of the following golden visa programs do NOT provide a right to citizenship?

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The GDP of Greece is projected to achieve ……. for 2021?

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