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Cyprus is rated 4th Best in World for Education (of 144 countries)

Well-known for its sunny beaches, luxurious hotels and impeccable tourism services, Cyprus has invested its riches in a high-quality European education system, with affordable university tuition costs and plenty of facilities and benefits.

You’ll not have trouble finding excellent bachelors and masters degrees in Cyprus that will match the standards of international universities worldwide. Cyprus spends more than 7% of its GDP on education, the 3rd highest share in the European Union after Denmark & Sweden.

The cost of education in Cyprus is affordable, and much lower (40-50%) than in countries like the UK or USA. On average; tuition fees range between €3,400 and €8,000pa. Medicine starts at €18 000pa. All in; tuition, daily living expenses and accommodation for an undergraduate degree is about €17 500pa.

Higher education opportunities are very popular with foreigners

There are some 21 000 foreign students studying at Cypriot universities. Several international universities & colleges offer dual degree programs, fully accredited by the UK & USA partner universities. Entry requirements of the higher education institutions are the same as for Europe. Candidates shall have a certificate of complete secondary education (translated/English detailing the courses and number of hours) as well as a good level of English proficiency (TOEFL 500 or IELTS 5.5) Universities offer courses to ensure English proficiency.

Affording International Higher Education

We at Quality Group assist families and investors with International Higher Education and the funding thereof. We assist with Cyprus University admissions and country visas to completion and funding models to ensure annual tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses are catered for.

International Property investments are the funding vehicles of choice as they create passive hard currency rental income reducing the risk of saving for university tuition in a soft currency which depreciates. Rentals are paid into your bank account with internet, ATM and card facilities; which means families can access cash or shop anywhere in the world.

Property Investment and PR (Permanent Residency) evolving into EU Citizenship

Investing in property in Cyprus also gives the opportunity to the family and student to obtain permanent residence (PR) This includes the whole family including parents/in-laws and is PR for life. There is no need to relocate. Property investments in Cyprus a former British colony and EU Country is a familiar process as the legal system is based on English common law and contracts are in English.

On offer are guaranteed rentals. A €300 000 investment in property obtains PR and rentals of €18 000pa are achievable. Sufficient to fund tuition, daily living expenses and accommodation.


Studying in Cyprus, obtaining British Degrees including medicine, at 40-50% less cost than in countries like the USA or UK by investing in Cyprus property with guaranteed rentals, obtaining Family PR which can evolve into EU Citizenship with all the EU citizenship benefits and Career opportunities is a superb SOLUTION!  Office:+27 11 440 8006  Rose:+27 82 561 1217