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Planning my 100-year life | for ME

Steps to FUTURE-proof my tomorrow | The 100-year Life

Audit your assets : Family – Friends – Career – Hobbies – Financial Freedom

1. Savings – Investments – Retirement goals …
2. Use you free time to invest in fitness, new skills, and relationships
3. Think about the experiences you have had, want to have, and plan for them
4. Experiment: there are no role models out there to follow, just your passions
5. Be flexible and open to change, explore your options …
6. Examine your attitude

Do you see your multi-stage life as a series of sunsets or glorious sunrises?

How are you going to put your extra time to good use?
Are you stepping towards Financial Freedom?

Investing in USA Healthcare | Passive Income USD

The Healthcare industry, particularly in the USA offers an unusual bevy of choices and diversity. Growth, value, aggressive, and low-risk investors can all find choices within this expansive sector. Its sheer size, the growth in healthcare consumption driven by technological medical advances make this sector hard for any diversified investor to ignore.

In the US, more than 10 000 individuals turn 65 every day. This aging population requires an extensive and robust healthcare industry, and the USA is an affluent nation with more than 57 million earning more than $100 000 pa and an average GDP per capita of $65 298 (2019) in the world. Thus, the financially able and the insured are living longer with quality of life achieved through “Meditech”

Historically, the USA healthcare industry has proven to be “recession-proof”, which makes it a resilient sector in which to invest.

Quality Group Services and partners provide low-risk access to USA Healthcare. Our business model philosophy is … “The SECRET is in the tenant.” Let’s explain. Patients can be divided into two broad categories. Those that have to have medical treatment and those that can delay treatment. For example, annual check-ups with the gynaecologist can be delayed, but cancer surgery and radiotherapy or chemotherapy cannot be delayed.

Doctors and Healthcare workers providing Essential Medical Services are consulted and are paid by the patient in “good times and in bad times”. If the patient pays, the Doctor can pay his rent, to the landlord/investor. Investing in such opportunities is often unattainable for smaller investors.

Student Accommodation | Passive Income EURO

Achieve a Happier and Healthier Life with Higher Education

Among the most vital benefits of higher education in the 21st century is the fact that it helps communities and societies operate smoothly and enhances personal lives. Educated individuals are involved more actively in societal activities like political interest, voting, interpersonal trust, and volunteering, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). When you have more knowledge, you are more inclined to participate in these events and activities.

Globalisation and the digital age have accelerated the trend of students studying all over the world. The UK and the British Universities in Cyprus host thousands of International students who require accommodation.

On-campus student accommodation is a sought after investment asset class

Golden VISA | Dual Residency | Citizenship

RESIDENCY by investment
Enjoy the freedom of MULTI-Residency
Residency by investment programs grants immediate residency to applicants and their families including parents and in-laws, but without the requirement to reside. These programmes are especially popular with investors not wishing to emigrate and move their family but require the right to relocate should the need ever arise. A “PLAN B” The programs often include travel freedom across the EU Schengen zone. Eventually, if permanent residency is undertaken by the investor and their family then citizenship of the country can be applied for.

Europe | EU Cyprus
The Cyprus EU citizenship program is for life and future descendants. Regarded as one of the premier residency programs for EU Europe; approval is within 60 days and residence permits are issued thereafter.  Residents have the same rights as citizens to healthcare. Suitable for those who wish to relocate and enjoy the familiarity of law, sports & hobbies, customs, and the English language as found in former British colonies.

Europe | EU Greece
This program at €250 000 invested in property offers residency and Schengen visa-free travel in the EU countries. There is no need to reside in Greece. Property may be rented.

Be a Citizen of the WORLD
Citizenship by investment programs grants immediate citizenship to applicants and their families including parents and in-laws. Applicants enjoy dual/multi citizenship and of course passports.

The Grenada citizenship program offers visa-free travel to over 140 countries including the European Union (27 countries) Schengen zone, the UK, China, Russia, and USA access.  Includes children up to age 30 and parents. In addition, the special treaty with the USA enables Grenada citizens to live and invest/start a business in the USA (E2 visa) This this can evolve into USA permanent residency and citizenship

Permanent Emigration | MOVING countries
Making the decision to migrate permanently, leaving friends and family is never easy. There are many migration programs but picking the right country to put down roots is determined by many factors. Have you been offered employment? Are you working or retired? Will you be starting a business? Will you be running your current business from your new country? Do you qualify for health and education checks? The list is endless!

Migration by Investment
The process is simplified when migrating by investment. There are no work history, education, age, or health checks. There is no requirement for interviews or language tests. The preconditions are the amount to be invested and a clear criminal record.

Programs Permanent Residency and /or Citizenship
In choosing a program: Ease of doing business, education, healthcare, and taxes are important considerations. Familiarity of customs, culture, sports, and hobbies and not forgetting language that the “family” understands. Former British colonies tick the boxes in this regard.


USD Risk Protection | Self - Family - Business

Global individual and family protection is a necessity

Severe illness |
Disability | Death.  The BEST medical care can be obtained, if one can afford it, as it is priced in US Dollars. If one suffers a dreaded disease or severe illness the costs are normally calculated in hard currency and in soft currency countries it a very real problem.

Severe illness | Disability | Death.  A disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities.  This can be temporary or permanent. Money is needed for resources to help the person recuperate or adjust to their impaired lifestyle.

Severe illness | Disability | Death.  The financial impact caused by death can be enormous. From providing cash for “food and shelter” to relocation, paying off debts, education of children, to lifestyle consequences! Two “breadwinners” becomes one or one “breadwinner” becomes none! The monthly bills don’t change much. And then there is taxes and fees to wind up an estate. A family might be asset rich but cash poor. Result assets are sold off at discounted prices to pay debts, executors fees and inheritance taxes.

Dollar life pays into any nominated bank account in the world.

Hard Currency | Property - Savings - Investment

Under Construction

Offshore | Savings - Retirement - Trusts

Citizens of emerging economies have voted with their assets and look for offshore investments and security as part of their retirement planning. One option is an international retirement plan based offshore.

“Offshore investments have always been part of so-called high-net-worth individuals’ investment objectives, but we’re seeing a boom in the numbers of middle-class citizens and expat workers who want to move their money offshore and diversify their assets and investments for a more secure retirement.”

Some of the many reasons…
> Work from anywhere “digital nomads” who move from country to country
> Global mobility is entrenching the concept of the global citizens
> Political and Economic uncertainty in emerging economies
> Knowing that saving in a soft currency is a recipe for getting poorer!

Many countries overburden individuals with tax obligations
● While working
● On Death

An internationally accessible offshore retirement plan is an attractive option for citizens and expats with foreign citizenship, Many spend long periods working abroad, those looking at emigrating or retiring abroad, and those simply want to diversify their assets into offshore investments.

The World Economic Forum encourages private retirement planning in the light of what has been called a “global pension crisis”. The 100-year life research shows that we will outlive our parents by at least 10 years and that out children will outlive their parents by 20 years or more. (For a video on this see Advisors role | 100-year life.

By wrapping the pension-retirement planning within an offshore trust there are many tax mitigation advantages. There is no donations nor loan structures required and is compliant with tax authorities