Are you ready? | Have you future proofed your tomorrow?

If you are born in the mid-2000s you will live beyond 100

The 100-Year Life is a wake-up call that describes what to expect and considers the choices and options that we all will face.
(Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott – The 100-year life)

The 100-Year Life is the challenges and the intelligent choices everyone of any age must make to turn greater life expectancy into a gift and not a curse.

Whilst life expectancy has increased for decades, society continues to structure lives in the same way as the past; we learn, we work, we retire.

The way forward is a multistage life, not determined by our actual age; rather by the phase of life we are experiencing.

Gone is the traditional retirement age of sixty-five; now with healthy choices and medical advances we will outlive our parents by 10 years, and our children will outlive us by 20 years!

Longevity is no longer about getting older; it is really about getting younger!

The 100-year life makes it imperative to future proof tomorrow as our finances must stretch not for the traditional 10-15 years after retirement, but rather 15-30 years!

This is a call to action for individuals; people like you and me, that a 100-year life can be a wonderful and inspiring one. If you have planned? Are prepared? Have you future proofed tomorrow, beginning today?

Steps to FUTURE-proof your tomorrow… the goal being Personal and Financial FREEDOM

1.  Protect self and family from the financial consequences …
Death of the breadwinner(s) … Severe or Critical illnesses … Inability to work ….In your business … Loss of key people, partners … Planning an exit strategy from the business …  Use the business to provide for retirement planning.

2. Estate and Tax Planning …
Take extra care if you have assets in multiple countries

Wills, take steps to minimise inheritance taxes, ensure heirs have access to cash
Selecting executors and guardians wisely, living & testamentary trusts

3. Savings & Investments to meet certain goals …

Invest monthly and or with lump sums
To educate children
Invest in property
For that special holiday
Create savings and wealth in hard currency

4. Retirement planning for a 100-year life …
Traditionally retirement was sixty-five. No longer as you will live much much longer. The question is, “Will you be able to retain your quality of life? ”
Healthy living, better lifestyle choices and medical advances means we will outlive our parents by 10 years, and our children will outlive us by 20 years!

The 100-year life demands working longer. How much longer depends on your wealth and the passive income it provides (Money at work while you are doing your favourite “things.”) It is not safe and is risky to keep money in a bank. Inflation is mostly higher than bank interest rates. If you do not earn more than inflation on your investments you are going backwards, getting poorer. Wealth must grow above inflation! Look at the table and the years it takes to double wealth.   

One job, One career, One home, One retirement location … is a disappearing way of life!

Diversification in investments is key …
Africa represents 3%, South Africa 0,6% of global GDP; The USA 13,6% The EU 15,4% The UK 2,1% No one country or asset class is the complete investment solution.

Protection of wealth …
Cost effective solutions exist to protect wealth from creditors, partnerships that have gone bad, governments and tax authorities that are overzealous from estate, probate costs, executors’ fees, and inheritance taxes

START … now, BE in control!

Fixed Income by Private Lending | Outstanding Returns!

What is Fixed Income by Private Lending?
Fixed Income by Private Lending provides a predictable and fixed income stream in the form of regular interest payments with protection of capital.

“first rule of investing, never lose money;
the second rule never forget the first rule.”
Warren Buffet

In a world of market volatility, uncertainty and disruption, Fixed Income by Private Lending is certain, with fixed returns, for a fixed term. Terms are short, 2 to 5 year options and returns are handsome.

Who should invest?
Beneficial for investors seeking stable, above average and consistent cash flow. Suited to conservative to balanced investors and especially during retirement when receiving a steady income is crucial.

The Shariah compliant Wakala Note participates in profit sharing, investing in Shariah complaint activities FATWA approved by the board of scholars.

What class of assets is this?
Traditionally, this investment was the preserve of institutions and HNW investors because of the high investment thresholds. Today, available to institutions, pension funds and the mass affluent who earn equally with institutions and HNWs.

Securitised Lending
Investors capital is protected with pledged property protecting investors interests. This is overseen by the independent custodians who receipt investor funds and register the legal charges in the UK Land Registry.

Return and Growth
This asset class private lending has experienced explosive growth over the last decade as institutions and private investors have realised that alternative non-traditional investments like fixed income by private lending can provide equity like returns without market volatility.

Earn Steady Income In USD | Commercial Real Estate

Investors seek reliable and predictability income … Investment in the USA medical and healthcare industry is a recession resistant investment giving USD income and growth

The “Hunt”
Long considered the number one generator of passive income is rental income. This asset class, rental income, is acknowledged as the way forward to “future proof” wealth by providing inflation proofed income and capital growth.

If income does not rise to keep up with inflation, the purchasing power of one’s money is eroded resulting in living standards being reduced, meaning we become poorer and poorer! For investors whose local currency is “soft” a passive income in hard currency is key to quality of life.

Recession Resilient
Medical and the Healthcare industry that has proven recession resilient, enabling investors to maintain and increase their own quality of life by investing in the Medical and Healthcare industry. The USA population exceeds 320 million people where more than 100 million can afford private medical and healthcare services. Traditionally, investing in commercial real estate has been unavailable to most; as the capital required to invest precluded most investors. No longer!

From USD 5000
Starting from $5000 the smaller investor can equally benefit as they can invest alongside institutions and HNWs.

Medical Buildings Business Model (MOBs)
To purchase medical and healthcare infrastructure facilities, in states and cities that offer above average yield and future growth over 5 to 6 years. As the medical building(s) the project/investment matures and offers optimal returns, it is sold, and investors share in the profit. Importantly, from Day 1 the investment is cashflow positive providing dividend income, paid quarterly.

On sale, most investors choose to roll into the next available MOB as referred to in the USA. The Group medical portfolio exceeds USD 400 million, since 2007, with 42 buildings (Some resold) and medical campuses launched to date.

Arbitrage by Crypto | Ultra-low risk investment

Arbitrage is a risk-free investment that profits from inefficiencies in the market.

What is Arbitrage?
Arbitrage is the practice of buying and selling an asset in order to profit from a difference in price. Arbitrage can exist because of inefficiencies in the market. The secret to successful arbitrage is knowing in advance what the asset can be purchased for and what it can be sold for! This becomes a risk-free way to earn a profit.

This concept can be used to describe any asset being bought and sold for a profit; it refers to apples, oil, gold, stocks, bonds, currencies, and other financial instruments including crypto. Watch the short video on arbitrage.

 What is Crypto arbitrage?
The concept of crypto arbitrage is to buy crypto while simultaneously selling it at a higher price, profiting from the difference in price. Since the transactions occur at the same time, there is no holding period; this is a risk-free profit strategy.

Why is Crypto ideally suited to arbitrage?
The price of cryptos are quoted on electronic exchanges and electronic transactions occur in milliseconds and can be recorded on the blockchain ledger.

What is Blockchain in simple words?

Blockchain defined: Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger (Cannot be changed) that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. An asset can be tangible (a house, car, cash, land) or intangible (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding) This includes arbitrage by Crypto.
With crypto transactions, information is decentralized, meaning no single person or group has control; rather, all users collectively retain control. Decentralized blockchains are immutable, which means that the data entered is irreversible.

Why is Arbitrage by Crypto an ultra-low risk investment? With crypto arbitrage, it is possible to lock in the buy and sell trade prices, then execute the trade simultaneously; this is risk free arbitrage. Unlike other assets that are bought and sold for profit, the huge advantage of crypto is the ability to lock in the buy and sell price n advance. If the trade is not suitable it is not executed.

Trades are only executed if the result is positive profit for the investor

Golden VISA Programs | For Residency-For Citizenship-For Business

“ … Make the most of life with a life without borders.
Golden Visa can help you start living your best life …”

MULTI-Residency and Citizenship
There are various programs that meet business and family needs. In exchange for an investment in the economy of your chosen country, investors are granted residency and/or citizenship.

For Business Relocating or setting up a new business or branch or head office in a different country is gaining more and more traction. Reasons are many, diverse and compelling … like trading into new markets, tax incentives, or local business conditions

For Families Global multi residency & citizenship opportunities is a growing trend as individuals and families seek to meet varying needs and goals.

100-Year Life The 100-Year Life brings challenges and the intelligent choices everyone of any age must make to turn longer life expectancy into a gift and not a curse. Whilst life expectancy has increased for decades, society continues to structure lives in the same way as the past; we learn, we work, we retire.

Multistage Life The way forward is a multistage life, not determined by our actual age; rather by the phase of life we are experiencing. Influenced by the local political and economic environment, with current and future choices determining quality of life.

MULTI-Residency and Citizenship
Many reasons … Many benefits

Travel Visa Free
Business & Pleasure

Business & Career Opportunities
A Different Future

Tax Incentives
Personal & Business

First world
Healthcare & Education

New Beginnings
Holiday Home

A safe haven investment
Plan B “In the back pocket”

Investment & Currency Hedge
Property Rentals

Quality Group is well versed on Residency & Citizenship programs and Business relocations We and our partners provide a full service from start to finish, including property investment and applications for Golden VISA for residency and citizenship as well incorporation of companies, legal, trust and accounting services.

Allow us to understand your requirements, and Quality Group will put forward recommendations.

Inspection Trips
For Cyprus, Greece and Mauritius check out our inspection trips

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USD Risk Protection | Self - Family - Business

Global individual and family protection is a necessity

Severe illness | Disability | Death.The BEST medical care can be obtained, if one can afford it, as it is priced in US Dollars. If one suffers a dreaded disease or severe illness the costs are normally calculated in hard currency and in soft currency countries it a very real problem.

Severe illness | Disability | Death.  A disability is any condition of the body or mind (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities.  This can be temporary or permanent. Money is needed for resources to help the person recuperate or adjust to their impaired lifestyle.

Severe illness | Disability | Death.  The financial impact caused by death can be enormous. From providing cash for “food and shelter” to relocation, paying off debts, education of children, to lifestyle consequences! Two “breadwinners” becomes one or one “breadwinner” becomes none! The monthly bills don’t change much. And then there is taxes and fees to wind up an estate. A family might be asset rich but cash poor. Result assets are sold off at discounted prices to pay debts, executors fees and inheritance taxes.llar life pays into any nominated bank account in the world.

Student Accommodation | Guaranteed Income

” “

The Question –  “Is student accommodation still a good investment?”
The closure of campuses during the height of the pandemic meant less demand for student accommodation, but that has all changed, as students get to return to universities. Now the demand is outstripping supply, which makes student accommodation an opportunity for investors. In fact, it is one of real estate sectors that has proved resilient for many reasons!

There is continued strong investor interest in PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) across Europe and the UK, driven by rising total numbers of students and a strong growth in international student numbers – Savills Oct 2022 Global Report

Higher Education Demand
“We expect this trend to continue over the coming years, as the number of young people  (15 -19-year-olds) is forecast to rise by 5.8% by 2027. At the same time, many European markets are facing a significant undersupply of PBSA stock, which is resulting in strong rental growth.

These factors are driving investment in student accommodation, which has risen by 16% in 2022 – Q3 compared with 2021. The average undersupply across European cities is currently 12.5%.

Across the European cities Savills monitors, approximately 14 500 PBSA new beds were delivered in 2022, yet this was still not enough to meet the increase in student numbers

Public Student Accommodation
The public student housing market represents 63% of total student beds, on average across Europe, meaning the vast majority of existing stock is outdated and of relatively poor quality compared to private student accommodation (PBSA)

Investment in Private Student Accommodation (Q3-2022)
● €11.7 Billion invested in PBSA across Europe
● Return to investors 4.15% across Europe
● From 3.5% in Copenhagen to 6.0% in Sevilla
● Yields have remained stable over the past 12 months
● Forecasted growth in young population across Europe 302 000 (2027)

A Hedge for Investors
The PBSA sector has continued to show that it is counter-cyclical, with student numbers increasing in uncertain economic times. A good opportunity for investors to balance their portfolios in times of economic downturn. It represents a strong asset class and the positive sentiment in this sector demonstrates the confidence investors have in its resilience and ability to provide secure returns.”

Future Growth in Student Numbers
According to Oxford Economics, UK, the student-aged population (15-19) in the major European cities is forecast to rise on average by 5.8% over the next five years (compared to a decline of 0.7% from 2017-2022), reversing the declining trend

The positive trend will be seen in the majority of European cities, but mostly in Southern Europe as well as in Ireland. 

The increasing availability of English-taught courses and the wealth of cultural experiences on offer in Europe will continue to attract domestic (European) and international students.

Demand for Quality PBSA
International students often enjoy higher budgets, and more are demanding for quality facilities. We expect to see a rise in demand for purpose-built student housing. Current annual average occupancy rates are high across Europe, ranging from 95% to 98%, unchanged from last year. With thanks to Marcus Roberts, Head of Europe – Savills Operational Capital Markets

►PBSA is one of the only real estate sectors to have seen a positive increase in total investment volume in 2022.

►The sector has continued to show that it is counter-cyclical, with large numbers of young people entering higher education during challenging macroeconomic periods (likely linked to their perceptions of a weakening job market and so employment prospects).

►PBSA represents a good opportunity for investors to balance their portfolios, with strong demand feeding through to high occupancy levels and resilient income streams.