Why Cyprus | Lifestyle


There is a special kind of magic while living and working in an island. Cyprus is one of those places, touched 340 days a year by the lively warmth of the sun, whereas soaked by the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. An island full of history and unsolved mysteries, living in Cyprus is the definition of harmony, carefully balancing a high-quality lifestyle with easy going and welcoming people.


The richness of the Cypriot cuisine drives from the cosmopolitan character the island holds. With Mediterranean and Oriental influences, Cyprus offers an unforgettable eating experience, through an abundance of fresh local produce. Olive oil is considered to be the “gold” ingredient in all local specialties whereas traditional delicacies and drinks will treat your taste preferences to the maximum.


The raw and untouched beauty of many areas in Cyprus is considered ideal for outdoor activities and sports. Whether you like walking or hiking, mountain biking or running, natural parks are always around the corner for the much-needed escape to nature. During winter in Cyprus, you get the one in a lifetime opportunity to ski and snowboard in the mountainous range of Troodos and 30 minutes later, swim and dive into the most crystal clear waters of Europe.


Although Cyprus is renowned for its sandy beaches, it is considered to be a shopping heaven, whether you are looking for designer clothes and brands, leather goods, shoes or locally produced items. With shopping malls in all major cities, scenic narrow shopping streets in historical old parts of the cities, along with local handcrafted items such as embroidery and jewellery, the island offers am unforgettable shopping experience.


An islander’s life is always fun and interesting and in Cyprus, there is always a party atmosphere anywhere you go. Bars and clubs are bursting with life, while a variety of restaurants are always a preferable choice for a pleasant night out. There are lots of events happening in Cyprus all year round, with cultural performances, religious festivals and sporting events. Forged by centuries of history Cyprus is one of the oldest civilisation in the Mediterranean, waiting to be explored.


Been the major pillar of the economy, the tourism industry in Cyprus is obliged to offer holidaymakers the utmost service for the event of choosing the island for their destination. Tourists are well catered for with a variety of accommodation options to choose from such as hotels, apartments, agrotourism rentals, hostels and camping facilities. The needs of international tourism in conferences, cultural and athletic events, outdoor activities, cruises, marine sports and yachting, weddings and honeymoons, are satisfied with apical services.